Free Gift Eddir VanHalen's Classic Guitar solo Eruption in Video Tablature
BonJovi Acoustic Finger Style Videos
Eagles Acoustic Finger Style
Pink Floyd Acoustic Finger Style
Aerosmith Acoustic Finger Style
Metallica Acoustic Finger Style
Elvis Presley Acoustic Guitar
Nirvana Acoustic Finger Style
Guns and Roses Acoustic Finger Style
Green Day Acoustic Finger Style

      All the Artist Series have 3 songs taught with step by step          video. 

  •  Each part of the song is explained with detail including   chord progressions, basslines, melodies and solos. Parts   are also played slowly. Each song has between 20-60 minutes of video Instructions.

  • This style is for Intermediate to Advanced Guitar Player however this style is Beautiful and gived you a true appreciation for the song.

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   10 transcribed Video Tabs

These 10 Tracks are in Video Tablature and are available

for free viewing during each month then at the start of a new month

new 10 tracks get posted with the past Month (Collection) of Lessons

and Video Tab archived away and the archived songs and Lessons

will be locked up and unavailable unless you purchase a

Monthly Membership or purchase that Month's Collection .

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Advanced Guitar Wizardy
The Advanced Guitar Challenger

Finger Style Acoustic Lessons

Master ISO Contains over 30 Hours of Acoustic Finger Style content from multiple artisi such as Metallica to Elvis and evrything in between

 Acoustic Finger Style is a unique way playing the guitar.  In these Lessons it will take time and effort to become proficient once you have success this style of playing you will amaze people also you will be able to hear songs and transcribe them into Finger style format without much of a problem. The Master ISO contains over 30 hours of Content use 7Zip to unpack the ISO. The cost of the Master ISO is $ 180.00 that includes all the Material here.  A single ISO includes 3 songs per Band and lessons that break down the song into shorter segments so you can master each part which moves you closer  towards playing the song in it's entirety the cost of a single ISO is $ 25. 

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