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The money is not for profit but rather to pay talented staff and implement new web services all to help you get Better at playing guitar. If you donate $10 or more I will reward you with a kickass digital guitar tuner capable of tuning to any string pattern, a chord finder and constructer as well as a metronome with features so much better then any metronome I've seen to date. Finally become a Free member at the very least if you don't want to get monthly or yearly membership. A free membership will allow you to communicate with other guitarist which could help you form a band. You can also post a jam out session your proud of.


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Learn the guitar |The House of Guitar | PowerzSolutions |Guitar Lesson Videos. The House of Guitar's video sheet music in tablature acoustic fingerstyle lessons fastest way to learn guitar both electric and acoustic. Rock guitar, heavy metal guitar, classic rock guitar, lessons in jazz guitar lessons in blues guitar lessons in acoustic lessons. 
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