Blog 1 Why I created this guitar help site

I got my 1st guitar in 9th grade and shortly after I got ahold of Guitar Magazine. In the pages in Guitar Magazine it contained Tablature to some classics ,some of songs of modern day in 1993. It also contains Lessons with columns on certain styles, the latest gear was reviewed and rated. And of Course interviews with the Guitar Gods. I got a subscription and they started packaging CDS loaded with contain. So fast forward many years I wanted to create a combination of online Guitar Magazine with new Video Tablature Songs and Lessons with different styles of playing with more such as Scales ,Modes, Musical Theory, Finger Style and more as you will discover. I also have a Jukebox called CreepShow named after my band I created all the songs with Sony Acid 10 and I am using about 4000 mp3 Loops and Instrument riffs to create Metal, Alternative, House, Hip-Hop

Rock, Modern Country and Acoustic guitar. These Loops are Drum loops for Hip-hop to Thrash Metal same with Bass, Electronic Beats, Piano. I wanted people to be able to create music without knowing how to play. I created 22 songs every song I spent no more then 5 minutes. I will Compose thought out songs later but I wanted to showcase The Power of Sony Acid 10 and the 4000 Royalty Free Loops , instrument parts and how easy and good Guitar Bass drums sound in sync. Browse around you will discover many cool things. The site as of 10/28/2020 is about 75% Complete then I have to customize a Mobile version different from Computer Version. For now Check out Free Video Tab for you Pantera's Classic Cemetary Gates Lead and Rhythm for main Dimebag solo

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