Sing Karaoke ,watch the Official Video and practice and play the Video Tablature for selected Artist

For the 10 Monthly Songs transcribed using Video Tablature now included are the Lyrics in a Karaoke style for that song as well as Watch Official Video for the song. Watching the video tablature there are little boxes at bottom of Video called Action Cards. These Cards Link you to purchasing the entire Month including 10 Songs, 8 Different guitar style lessons and one advanced Challenger Guitar Song. The 3 other action cards links are for Karaoke, Official Video and link to The house of guitar's You Tube channel named Creep Show named after the House band for the site. These action cards are not available for the Monthly Collection purchase however online they are added bonuses to help you master the song you are practicing. You Tube doesn't permit You Tube Videos for sale so anything I did not create I can not package You Tube's rules however a link online is acceptable.

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