This ISO is recorded in 1080 dpi on this site they can be miss leading with 720 dpi Video I cannot post a lesson or You Tube will not let me sell these Lessons YouTube Violation for $185 these ISO'S ARE YOURS. And you will be the center of attention at the party, Coffee Shop gigs and Happy Hours. I will admit you must be driven to learn If you keep at it alot of the playing is repetitive so it will became Easier.

After you make a purchase I will respond will a email Link in which you can download ISO. If you are not sure of what a ISO is go to and download ImgBurn that will rip ISO OPEN OR Burn to a DVD. Green Day songs are Basket Case, 21 Guns and Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Green Day 3 song Acoustic Set


    Finger Style Acoustic Lessons

    Master ISO Contains over 30 Hours of Acoustic Finger Style content from multiple artisi such as Metallica to Elvis and evrything in between

     Acoustic Finger Style is a unique way playing the guitar.  In these Lessons it will take time and effort to become proficient once you have success this style of playing you will amaze people also you will be able to hear songs and transcribe them into Finger style format without much of a problem. The Master ISO contains over 30 hours of Content use 7Zip to unpack the ISO. The cost of the Master ISO is $ 180.00 that includes all the Material here.  A single ISO includes 3 songs per Band and lessons that break down the song into shorter segments so you can master each part which moves you closer  towards playing the song in it's entirety the cost of a single ISO is $ 25. 

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